Sale of honey and pollen

Honey can be considered as the perfect food because, besides its delicious taste, it has as many nutritional properties as it does medicinal; it comes from the nectar of flowers or from honeydew, secretions of certain trees. We usually eat honey to feed ourselves, to relieve ourselves of certain troubles, but we can also enjoy it more fully if we understand and appreciate the process by which it arrives at our mouths.


Due to the exceptional circumstances we are facing (and even though we can open our store as it is a food business), we have decided to close from Monday 23rd of March on until the situation is back to normal again.

However, we will continue offering our products through our online shop.

In case that you need any other product not available in the online shop, call (+34) 972 53 01 93, (+34) 688 89 31 58 (WhatsApp) or via email at
Thank you.