We are an apicultural company situated in the municipal area of Garriguella, in Alt Empordà, dedicated to the production, packaging and subsequent selling of honey and pollen, from both our own harvests and those acquired from other partner producers and beekeepers.

We started this activity in 1985 when a few members combined it with other professional-level agricultural jobs in the areas of viticulture and olive-growing.

In 2005 we made an investment in the generation of photovoltaic solar energy, contributing to the care of the environment through clean energy without contaminants.

With a lifetime’s experience dedicated to the rural life, we firmly believe that quality, artisanal products can only be offered by respecting nature and living in harmony with the environment.

We also help the environment through the silent, constant and efficient work that the bees carry out in pollinating the flowers and trees, thereby contributing to ecological equilibrium and giving us an example of organisation, teamwork and generosity.

In addition to the products given to use by nature by way of the bees, such as honey and pollen, we would also suggest that you share with us in a more natural and slower way of life, enjoying the biodiversity that surrounds us and which contributes to a better quality of life.